I woke up from a dream this morning in which I fell in love and married the girl of my “dreams”. There were other events happening which made the whole thing a lot more confusing. There were giant robots that would come attack the small town I lived in and I was a member of the squad that fought against them.

The town I lived in was similar to Westside Santa Barbara and at one point I ran into an old friend walking down a set of stairs. He walked passed me and I recognized him by the way he wore his beanie, I yelled “Devious” and he turned around and saw me. Our conversation I can’t much remember, but he was a person I got high and ran the streets with in real life. He looked out for me and actually was a good friend. In the dream I let him borrow my car and he stole it, I never saw him again.

There were glimpses and sightings of people I ran the streets with throughout the entire dream, but I just passed them by.  At one point I realized I was dreaming and walked up to the nearest person and told them I was dreaming, and their face blurred and vanished.  I woke up, and fell right back asleep.  It is strange when this happens, waking up in a dream but still seeing the images the brain has created for my dream state.  Caught in some kind of limbo between a woken state and sleep.

In the dream town there was a corner that resembled Montecito Street and Castillo Street,  with 711 and Chevron on opposite corners.  Down the road was an area that very much resembled Pershing Park except the trees looked more like Evergreen trees and they were very tall. This is where the robots would land and our squad would deploy from a station across the street and fight them with machine guns and rocket launchers. There was a warning system when a robot was approaching, and the city would be alerted by sirens and megaphone announcements. Very much like the movie Pacific Rim, actually exactly like Pacific Rim.

I was walking to a coffee shop when the sirens sounded that a robot was approaching.  I wanted to get the coffee before I made my way back to the station, and when I opened the door there she sat. The girl with the pink hair.

For many years I have been attracted and drawn to any girl who resembles Liv Tyler or Kat Dennings. Fair skin, blue eyes and black hair. You get the idea, I guess that’s my “type”. I have been single for about 4 months now and not feeling the need to rush into anything or really having a desire to pursue girls. I have been thinking frequently though about my Liv Tyler and if she exists.  Maybe the girl in this dream was a manifestation of those recent thoughts.

I sat down at the table across from the girl with pink hair and she smiled at me.  I don’t remember the conversation, but I remember a feeling that I overcame that initial fear of asking a girl out.  The next image I remember was walking down the street holding her hand and looking over to see her smile again, she was beautiful.  I felt loved by her, a kind of love that seemed like it would never go away, the kind of girl that would stay by my side forever, no matter what.  It’s hard to remember any of the conversation but I remember flashes of images, me and her underneath sunshine and blue skies.  I like to think our conversations consisted of punk rock bands we both loved, California, movies, the Dodgers and talks about going against the grain of society’s norm.

The next image I remember clearly was some kind of flash to the future and we were on the beach, the girl with pink hair was walking away from me toward the shore.  Sunshine again and blue skies.  She looked back at me and she was older, and even more beautiful than before.  Her hair was a lighter shade of pink and now had some dark brown mixed in with it.  I’d like to say I have been in love in real life, this felt like that times a million.  The next dream sequence I was laying in bed with her and she looked a lot like Liv Tyler, she was wearing black shorts and a black tee shirt and her hair was black with a single streak of bright pink.  I kissed her and it felt so real, I felt love and compassion and like I had finally found the girl I have been waiting for.

The last scene I remember was being in a restaurant, seemingly way later in my life.  I was sitting alone at a table and I felt like I had aged, but I was alone.  I felt empty, like I was missing the best thing I ever had, missing her smile.  I turned around and saw the girl with the pink hair, she was kissing another man, her hand was pressed up against his face.  One of those kisses, you know hand on the side of the face fully engaged in romance.  I was filled with rage, it was almost like she knew I was there and she was doing it to make me hurt.  I got up and ran towards them, tackled the man and threw him against the wall and choked him.  Then I woke up.

I woke up to rain outside my window, it was surreal.  I immediately wanted to find the girl with the pink hair. I wanted to fall back asleep so I could see her again.  I felt like I was deeply in love with the perfect girl, and I had experienced a lifetime with her in one night’s sleep.  I have been thinking about her all day, wanting to believe she is real and that one day I will actually meet her.  Psychology will say this was a symbol of some feeling or thought that has been rattling around in my head and my unconscious needed to get in touch with it.  If I believe that, then I lose the mystery and existence of her.  Lately, I have been okay with being alone, I truly have not desired a significant other.  With her it felt perfect, like she was the one I could spend the rest of my life with, maybe that’s how people feel who get married to their soulmate.  I’d like to think it was some kind of sign to let me know she is on her way to cross my path, and this is what the future will hold.  As the rain falls outside my window, I sit at the screen and stare, I hope to meet you one day, the girl with the pink hair…

One thought on “the girl with the pink hair

  1. That’s your best writing yet, bud. Very creative conspectus of what you experienced in the vivid fantasy. I believe it means you’re at peace with your life and have opened up new pathways to find happiness again. Love you, Dad


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