“your life in america” is a song by a band named Ceremony from Rohnert Park, CA.  Ross Farrar has always been a huge inspiration to me and that’s where I got the name from.  I have also turned “your life in america”  into a weekly community radio show at La Casa De La Raza in Santa Barbara, CA.  Thursdays at 4:00 PM on KZAA LP 96.5 FM.  The show is also available on most steaming platforms, below you can always find my latest episode.  Over the time of YLIA I’ve had the honor of interviewing; Danny Trejo, One Step Closer, Jeremy Stith (FURY), Anxious, Rejection Pact, CHANGE (Aram & Chris), Andy Die Hard (ILL COMMUNICATION), Burt to Last Jenkins (Safe Inside Records), Sebastian of REGULATE, Davin Bernard (Marked for Life), Zack Nelson (RETALIATE, 185 Miles South, In Control), NEAR DARK, DISCOURAGE & more.