for the ones who love the cold
for the ones who love the sun
for the ones who feel like rain
for the ones who’ve come undone
to the ones who are lost today
to the ones who’ve found their way
for the ones who’ve felt this way
to the ones who’ve never felt this way..
close your eyes, try to outrun the pain put on your mask and your disguise. let the world know that you’re okay and everything is fine. reminisce and second guess all the choices you’ve ever made, the shame and regret can kill you if you let it. you can’t drink you cant self medicate, because now you know truth, and you don’t want the aftermath. another day another fight inside the workings of my thoughts, surrounded by everyone who cares but still I feel so alone
so many years since you’ve been here. how could you let it happen again. old friends old streets haven’t changed for the better, but you thought you had. has it really been that long since you lived in the dark, now it feels so familiar like you never left for a second. give me the words or some kind of help, I don’t want to go back..i don’t want to go back…
“faith is humanities answer for a fear they cannot face. a fear that we are without purpose, that we… are truly alone…”
underneath it all do you really feel this way. this isn’t the new you, this isn’t that transformed perspective. this isn’t from Him, this isn’t the Power. Lord help me to find the sun again, Father help me please..I’m begging You…

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