Summer has came and gone, and it is currently raining outside of my dining room window. Shadows of a different time hang over my head as I try to connect with the present.

I spent Sunday night in close vicinity to Skid Row in Downtown LA for a Hardcore Punk show featuring LA’s own Terror and NYHC’S Backtrack. I took a friend of mine who had recently taken a liking to hardcore music, the culture the message and everything about it. That culture of unity and love for the music was very much present on Sunday night both on stage and on the floor. I suffered a heavy blow to the face from either a windmill kick or flying elbow off a nearby stage dive, cause is still unknown. I lost consciousness for a second or two only to be lifted up by a fellow enthusiast and helped to the bathroom. Under the light I found that my Blacklisted tee shirt was covered with blood and my lip was fat, thank God the blow missed my nose. The dude who lead me to the bathroom repeatedly asked if I was okay and said he wasn’t leaving until I told him i was “good”. I told him I wasn’t going to miss the rest of the Backtrack set and he said “cool, just don’t get hurt again.” I made my way back to the floor to hear the vocalist of Backtrack dedicating the next song to the Dodgers, rad. My friend who attended the show came up to me and said, “dude I stage dived and when I hit the ground everyone helped me up and made sure I was okay.” Hearing this excitement from my young friend was the highlight of my night. I really felt the love of the hardcore scene that night, the same way I did at my first show 13 years ago. Stick Tight.

Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers are NL West Division Champs for the 6th consecutive year. A big deal? Not really. An accomplishment? Yes, of course. The offense of this Dodger team is unreal, I mean on the bench alone they’ve got the 2011 World Series MVP and All Star 2nd Baseman Brian Dozier, the best thing Minnesota had since Johan Santana. There’s nothing like the MLB Playoffs, of all professional sporting events baseball in October has to be my favorite.

Last year I wrote about Luis Severino and Aaron Judge carrying the Yankees into the AL Wils Card game against the Twins at Yankee Stadium. Here we are again, Severino goes up against the lowest payroll in baseball, the Oakland A’s. Yankee Stadium is going to be LOUD and I will be in my living room watching for a Giancarlo Stanton longball while I listen to the rain outside my window. And good for the Rockies, three different time zones in three days and they pulled off the win in the confines of Wrigley last night.

What is it about the rain that changes people’s moods? I wonder if people in the pacific northwest have a shift in perspective each time it rains, or is that only a California thing? Watch out for the Cleveland Indians hovering under the radar. Dodgers vs. Indians is my world series prediction. Until next time, be easy..

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