It’s almost the end of August and the future for the boys of Chavez Ravine does not look bright.  The Dodgers have more than enough talent to win baseball games, despite a struggling bullpen and banged up starting rotation.  With the addition of Manny Machado and Brian Dozier I am still scratching my head wondering why Zaidi didn’t think it would be smart to go after more arms than John Axford.  Axford is now on the DL as well.  It’s been a tough season, especially after still feeling looming defeat of last year’s fall classic.  I could sit here and pick a apart Dave Roberts and the decisions he makes all day, but i do that enough with my fellow Dodger fans.  I don’t care for Roberts, especially after I heard him mic’d up one night.  “Dude, he’s a savage bro, straight savage”, said Roberts to the infield in regards to Tony Cingrani after he took him out of the game.  Dave, you don’t sound cool.  Pick a lineup, stick with it, and let your team gel and get some momentum.  Trust your pitchers, trust the guys you have that are performing and maybe you wont run out of pinch hitters and relievers by the 9th inning!! My hope for a world series title may have been lost the night he decided to put utility player Enrique Hernandez in to pitch in late extra innings instead of Rich Hill.  He had given up and accepted defeat, my opinion is that Dave Roberts does not truly care about winning.  More will be revealed.

“The Dog Days of Summer” refer to the dog star Sirius, and it’s positions in the heavens.  Many people will use the term in reference to July and August being the hottest months of the year contributing to tiredness and lethargy.  I am in the midst of these dog days in my own spirit and soul.  The seat that holds my emotions and character is thin and I am struggling to make it through each day.  My mother and grandfather both died in alcohol-related deaths this year and I am running from the grief.  I’m tired, but I’m pushing forward.

Lebron James is a Laker.  This is exciting.  The Oakland A’s have tied the Astros for first place in the AL West.

I am co-hosting a sports talk radio show with a friend of mine on a local radio station.  Who would’ve thought a junkie like my self would be given an hour on live radio to talk about a subject I love so much.  Last night I experienced one of the coolest things of my entire life.  An interview with Santa Barbara Foresters manager Bill Pintard left me awestruck and in tremendous gratitude for my life in that moment.  Here was a guy who has been around and contributed to the game of baseball for a long time.  From stories about Bobby and Barry Bonds to text messages from James Shields and signed jerseys from my all-time favorite The Captain himself, Derek Jeter.  I could’ve listen to coach Pintard talk about america’s pastime for hours.  I felt like a kid again mesmerized by the beauty of Ken Griffey Jr’s swing for the first time.  Thank you God for that opportunity.

So amidst the humidity, box fans and battle with depression I am trudging through the dog days of summer.  Will I be okay? I will… Will the Dodgers be okay?  I don’t have an answer for that, but my gut instinct says no..Until next time, be easy..

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