Grey clouds cover the sky on another overcast Santa Barbara morning. Three years into my residency of this central coast town, I am realizing that this is the norm for this time of year. June Gloom, in full effect. I am still processing the recent, sudden death of my mother at the young age of forty-five , she left too soon. I am still unsure how to feel about the whole thing, but my instinct is to tell everyone i’m doing okay and keep moving forward. Life goes on, and so it goes. Love you Mom.

The weather is nice, I don’t mind it. Coupled with some apple cinnamon oatmeal and sparkling water, the ocean breeze is comforting and crisp drifting in through my living room windows. After a recent escapade through Ross and Kmart, my aunt and I added some nice curtains to the common area of our home. A stress filled dash through rod sizes, window measurements and a whole lot of “that’s what she said” jokes. Compression rods, a valance in the kitchen and I now know the difference between a sheer curtain and a “blackout” curtain. I feel a little more grown up now.

Since I was a kid, the television always seemed to be a source of background noise at mom’s house. Whether it was the KTLA 5 news with Jillian Barberie or Stuart Scott and Dan Patrick on a Sportscenter rerun, it was there. A habit I’ve carried into my adulthood, as I have MLB Network on low volume in the distance. Something about live television, whether I’m watching it or not, it comforts me. Weird.

I had a good conversation with my Dad last night about the LeBron vs. Jordan debate, an argument that will probably continue as long as the world is turning. Jordan never lost in the finals, and LeBron is 3-5. MJ played 15 total seasons in the NBA with a brief stint in Minor League Baseball, LeBron is currently in his 15th season and probably has a few more left. The finals record argument is indisputable, and is usually the first stance for the Pro Jordan side. In LeBron’s nine total finals appearances he has had talent around him with Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, but for the most part he has been limited. We can also compare the ’91 Lakers, ’92 Blazers, ’93 Suns, ’96 Sonics and ’97-’98 Jazz to the current Warriors powerhouse that has troubled James over the last couple years. Looking back, I’m not sure what happened in the 2011 Finals when LeBron and the Heat fell to a so-so Mavericks team. MJ may gain a point for that.

Pro Jordan arguers will say that Michael was individually a better clutch player, valid. However, LeBron continues to add to his buzzer beater resume. Especially on his run to the finals this year. I can’t help but confidently say if JR Smith passed him the ball in Game 1, he would have sank the game winner. JR Smith is no Pippen, that’s for sure. Without question, James is a better passer and rebounder. But he doesn’t come close as a shooter, a point for Michael there. Jordan was a 9-time member of the NBA’s All-Defense First team, while LeBron has been selected 5 times. However, James can guard every position on the court effectively, something MJ was incapable of doing.

LeBron is bigger and stronger, averaging 260-270 lbs and standing in at 6’8. He is overpowering on the court. In his prime, Jordan was 6’6 215 lbs and soared through the court with the prettiest jump shot we’ve ever seen. Michael also hit .202 in Double-A baseball, a remarkable athlete.

As a fan, I am grateful that I have been able to see the greatness of both. So who is the GOAT? I have to go with Jordan.

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