It’s been almost six months since my last entry.  A lot has happened in that time, in both my personal life, and the world of sports and news.

I sit down to write a week after the sudden, unexpected death of my mother.  Still searching for answers why it happened, and why she felt the need to keep her pain so internalized and protected from vulnerability.  I don’t think I need to search too deep to find somewhat of an answer, looking back at the sudden unexpected death of my grandmother.  Both losses alcohol related, and not much was spoken to the family about the pain leading up to my mother and grandmother’s passing.  As I was on the floor of my mom’s bedroom cleaning her blood off the carpet the sound of Ceremony’s “The Separation” was running through my head.  Hearing Ross Farrar singing out the question, “Can you measure the loss?”.  I ask myself today the same question, and the answer I guess is no I can’t measure the loss.  All I know is that my heart hurts. My faith in an Almighty Creator has been tested this week, and today I feel confident that my mother’s spirit is alive and well.  Life goes on, and so it goes.  Love you mom.

On April 15th, LeBron “The King” James began yet another journey toward a championship.  I remember when he came into the league in 2003, headband and all.  I loved him then, and I still do now.  Through the first three rounds of the 2018 playoffs, James has put the entire Cavalier’s organization on his back and carried them to the NBA Finals.  The King is averaging 34.0 PPG and 41.3 minutes per game, having played all 48 minutes in Game 7 against Boston.  Cleveland faced elimination in a Game 7 versus Indiana where LeBron scored 45 points in 43 minutes, sending the Cavs on to face Demar DeRozan and the number one seeded Toronto Raptors.  Not to mention a buzzer beater to beat Indiana in Game 5.  James would add another game winning buzzer beater in Game 3 against Toronto, giving him five total game winning shots in his playoff career.  The King and his not so strong Cavaliers went down 2-0 to a tough Celtics squad, but battled back to tie the series.  After losing Game 5, LeBron faced yet another elimination game.  Game 6, James dropped 46 points and quieted the haters.  Game 7, LeBron goes for 35 points in the TD Garden and is on his way to the Finals for the eighth straight year.

The King may have a losing record in the Finals, fine.  He may have tainted his legacy when he was aired on National Television, making “the decision” to take his talents to South Beach.  The fact can’t be denied that Lebron James is one of the greatest athletes of this generation, and of all time.  In a time where the NBA has fallen below the standards of the “old-timers”, James is the shining light of a hardworking athlete who truly loves the game he plays.  He dominates on the court and takes control of the game.  When people talked about the Bulls they talked about Jordan, when people talk about basketball they talk about LeBron James.  Will LeBron lead the Cavs passed a ridiculously talented, star studded Golden State Warriors team?  Probably not. The odds are stacked against Cleveland as the Warriors are favored 1/10.  One thing about The King is that he is always there, he’s never missed a playoff game.  Throughout his career his most severe injuries have been a sore knee and back, and some cramps.  He’s indestructible.

James won’t give up, and will make history if he can carry his team of misfits past the greatness of the Warriors.  San Antonio, New Orleans and Houston all showed us that Golden State is mortal by handing them some losses.  A true athlete and a true champion, would a 3-6 overall record in the Finals be the end of the The Chosen One’s Legacy?  If so, I’d like to ask him, could he measure the loss?

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