It’s been awhile since I have written anything on here, and today I have some time to sit down and share my thoughts and experiences over the last couple weeks.  I’d like to start by saying once again, I will not be writing about the Dodgers until the World Series is over.  As hard as that is right now, there’s too much there for me to get into.  San Francisco.  I grew up and carried into my adulthood this biased opinion about the bay area and northern California.  I used to say that LA was “the city” and was adamant that the bay would never compare and that I would never consider visiting.  That changed a couple weekends ago when I took a weekend trip to SF with my girlfriend.  What a cool place.  We started Saturday morning by stopping by 924 Gilman, a venue that I have heard so much about and so many of my favorite bands have made songs about.  We then traveled passed the coliseum and the arena where the Warriors play which as a avid sports fan was really cool to see.  Then the Golden Gate bridge.  A massive bridge I had never seen in person, which was awesome to drive across and view from a nice spot on a hill my girlfriend found.  Then on into the city, and after this trip I will now refer to San Francisco as in fact “the city”.  So I Married an Axe Murderer, one of my favorite movies takes place in SF and there is a scene at a restaurant called the fog city diner.  We had lunch at the same restaurant which was delicious.  Haight Street, what a trip.  I have never seen that many hipsters in one radius at a time.  Vintage clothing stores lined the block, and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop where we enjoyed a twice baked frosting and sprinkle covered cone.  I found some awesome vinyls in the Amoeba music store, including the soundtrack for the Wes Anderson classic “Rushmore”.  My favorite part of the city was definitely Little Italy.  We stopped an had some strong delicious espresso, and an “affagato: which is espresso over ice.  Bomb.  The whole atmosphere and visuals of Little Italy were fascinating, I felt like I was in a movie.  Not to mention the best Panini I have ever had.  Traveling out of the city back to our hotel we were lucky enough to drive across the Bay Bridge all lit up, it was such a cool sight to take in.  San Francisco was amazing, and I have a newfound respect for the bay area.


Fall is in the air.  What a relief.  The air has that slight crisp feel to it, and that smoky kinda smell is starting to come around.  AMC is constantly playing Halloween movies, which takes me back to Fall of 2013 in Riverside County Jail.  Man, I must’ve watched the Halloween series 3 or 4 times that October in county jail.  Football season is halfway done, and it’s been a decent one so far.  The Raiders have really fallen off which is surprising.  But there are tons of rookies making names for themselves in the NFL which is so cool to see.  Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt are two of my favorites right now.  And how about Deshaun Watson?  I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a really long time.  During Game 4 of the World Series I carved a pumpkin and baked pumpkin seeds, so much fun.

No Divide, Santa Barbara’s best local band ripped apart the Lighthouse Skateshop on Saturday.  A new guitar player added a harder sound which was nothing short of RIGHT ON POINT Saturday afternoon.  LOUD.  AND HEAVY.  They are loud, and I love it.  It seemed after only so much head nodding the kids had to start pushing each other and broke out into a nice circle pit.  Keep your eyes out for this band, adding another guitar player should show you they aren’t messing around.  Check out their Facebook page for all the information about their upcoming shows.  Lastly, I can’t stop listening to the Ceremony song “Intro the Wayside Part 1/ Sick” what a great intro to a great album.  Ross Farrar screaming “sick of going sober, sick of starting over” and “sick of Black Flag, sick of Cro-Mags”.  Ceremony was a band that had a big impact on my life as a teenager, with their Violence Violence LP and Scared People EP.  Their sound transformed over the years with their 2015 LP The L Shaped Man echoing a New Order/Joy Division style.  Great album, great band.  This blog is named after the Ceremony song, “your life in America.”  Until next time, Go Dodgers.

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