It’s been a week since my last entry, I guess I could say I haven’t been inspired since then.  Life is definitely in session with Pharmacology and Psychology classes along with forty hours of work a week.  I love my job though, and school helps me to excel more with my clients.  A lot has happened this past week in the world of sports but I don’t feel like writing about that.  I will say I am not going to write about the Dodgers because I don’t want to interfere with whatever good energy they’ve got going after sweeping Arizona in the NLDS.  I am surprised and impressed with the Bronx Bombers winning two in a row against a tough Indians squad.  I loved seeing the Packers take down the Cowgirls in dramatic fashion.  So I am sitting here cooking some chicken and brown rice drinking water and waiting for the Direct TV installation guy get to my house.  My own house in which I pay rent, a Direct TV package that I am paying for, cooking my own somewhat healthy food which I bought and having just finished a PSYCH 100 homework assignment, and 45 minutes of exercise.  Not to mention I fed my new baby betta fish Cosmo.  My life was nothing like this two years ago.  I lived my life in about an 8 block radius and kept everything I owned in a backpack, slept at a park, rarely showered, you get the picture.  Why was my life like this? Heroin addiction, that’s why.  I love California.  I love the beach, I love the mountains, I love the city and I love the streets.  The streets aren’t so cool and loveable when they are your home however.  Riverside is very hot in the summer, and cold in the winter.  I remember nights it was so cold and I was so hungry I could not fall asleep.  As soon as the sun started coming up it would warm up but then I would have to see all the productive members of society buzzing around to their jobs and school.  I hated that shit.  Probably because I never thought I’d be one of those people, and I had zero clue as to where to begin.  I remember walking by houses at night and peering into the living rooms of families watching Sunday night football and crying because I wanted to so bad to have what they had.  But all I had was Heroin and a host of fair-weathered friends.  My life in California, it was a nightmare.  Especially when I was homeless in Long Beach one cold fall night in 2013 when I watched the Dodgers lose to the Cardinals in NLCS through the windows of the Rock Bottom Brewery.  So today as I’m sitting here writing and the Direct TV guy is installing TV in my home I begin to fill with gratitude.  I can now be one of those people who watches Sunday Night Football in my living room and cooks dinner.  I am one of those people who wakes up with responsibility on a Monday morning, a job to go to and homework to finish.  Not only that, but I get to do all of it in beautiful Santa Barbara.  A lot different from Riverside but I have adjusted.  Not too far from LA, a couple blocks from the beach and all kinds of cool places to eat and cool theaters.  My Life In California, now it’s pretty awesome….

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