Poor Mike Glennon, rough night against Green Bay tonight with the looming talks of when he will be replaced by the faster seemingly more confident 2nd overall draft pick Trubinsky.  Glennon finished the night with 218 yards 2 picks a snap that him in the knee resulting in a turnover and ultimately a 35-7 loss to Green Bay.  And what about that hit on Davante Adams…ouch.  I’m not particularly an Aaron Rodgers fan, but he’s a Super Bowl Champ gotta respect that.  When I was a kid the Packers were Brett Favre, Ahman Green and Donald Driver.  I don’t have a favorite football team just like to see my fantasy guys do well, and maybe Ezekiel Elliot break his collarbone and some ribs and be out for the remainder of the season.  Thursday Night Football still hasn’t seemed to take off yet, I still enjoy the midweek game though.  October…..in my eyes the finest month in sports.  MLB playoffs, NBA, NHL, FOOTBALL, COLLEGE FOOTBALL it’s really a beautiful thing.  Let’s talk about my beloved dearest deeply loved Los Angeles Dodgers.  Coming off a great season with some extremely low lows and excessively high highs will this be the year they take it all??  I have yet to see the Dodgers in a world series since I’ve been alive. Plenty of NL west division titles but that’s about it, my dad used to take me to see Mike piazza, Gary sheffield, Darren dreifort and hideo nomo.  Now it’s Bellinger, Turner, Seager, Puig, Forsythe, Taylor, Hernandez, Joc, yaz, and my man from Riverside Austin Barnes!! With Alex wood, Kershaw, Darvish, and even Rich Hil looking good, and Kenley to bring the heat in the 9th. It looks good on paper but we will see what happens.  I am anxiously anticipating the NBA season with all these off-season moves it’s crazy! Can kyrie carry the Celtics? Can LeBron navigate his greatness with the return of DWade and the injury prone Derrick Rose? And how about the Western Conference?! I don’t have a favorite basketball team but I love to watch Westbrook and I enjoy Damien Lillard, with all that being said it will be an interesting NBA season. I’ll save my opinions on the Ball family for another time. And we can’t forget Dustin Brown and the Kings looking to bounce back after missing the playoffs last year. So much to talk about in the world of sports right now; Giancarlo Stanton is a BOSS 58 HR reminds me of the Sosa/Mcgwire race of 98, kneeling during the anthem, Rick Patino and the FBI?!?! Which brings me to my final point. I love sports, I love the hype, i love predictions, I love the trash talk, I love the history, I love the primetime events and i love the games that become classics which is why I decided to start this blog.  Just a place for me to rant and talk about the world of sports like some of my biggest influences Michael Rappaport and Max Kellerman. Until next time, keep Mike Glennon in your prayers…✌

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